What is KnowMore Schools?

The dividends of internet and technology are not trickling down to all sections. On one side are poor kids, rudimentary schools, barely qualified teachers, basic textbooks and an outdated teaching methodology. On the other side, just a click away, lies a treasure trove of knowledge - cutting edge online courses and cool apps created by highly qualified teachers. Most of them are for free!

The problem is poor children barely have access to technology. Without the knowledge of how to use technology and the internet, their chances of becoming employable in an increasingly technology-first world diminish even further.

KnowMore School aims to help these children by building computer labs that teach free online courseware. Our aim is to help these children get comfortable with using computers and the internet so they know how to access and use the tools and learning opportunities the internet provides. With computers and funds donated by you, KnowMore Schools hopes to give these children a fighting chance to build a better future.

About the founder

KnowMore School was founded by Xavier Augustin. As the CEO of Y-Axis Immigration, one of India’s most successful immigration companies, Xavier has seen how a mix of education, awareness and access can help anyone transform their lives. KnowMore School was born out of his urge to provide a similar opportunity to the poorest children. Through access to technology and the internet, he hopes to create a system that empowers the poorest children to become self-learning students. As the concept matures, Xavier hopes KnowMore School can become a system that improves the students’ educational exposure and employability.

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