Know More School is a platform to provide free learning to those who do not have ready access to the internet. Our classrooms are equipped with computers, internet connection and supervised by teachers who will help students transform from internet novices to experts who can learn a lifelong skill.

The Student Journey

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The 3 Stages of Learning

Stage 1: Digital Citizens

In this stage, we will teach students how to use computers, smartphones and social media. We want students to understand how to navigate the web to find what they’re looking for. During this stage, teachers and volunteers will guide each student so they have a complete grasp of digital technology.

Students will learn:

- How to use a computer, tablet & smartphone
- How to use the internet
- How to search on Google or Wikipedia
- How to access online courses
- How to use the Social Media
- How to communicate using Gmail or Hangout
- How to be a lifelong learner

At the end of this stage, each student will be given a Digital Citizen Certificate

Stage 2: Subject Specialization

Once students are comfortable with using technology, we move on to helping them supplement their text books with free online courses. We do not teach any course but we pre-select tracks that can either supplement their schoolwork or provide complementary skills.

The specialisation has the following tracks:






These courses are completely free and we rely on sources such as Khan Academy,
Google Docs or CoderDojo. These courses come with the added advantage of online communities so
students are part of vibrant online learning experiences.

Stage 3: Lifelong Practice

For the most highly motivated students who have progressed significantly on Stage 2, KMS provides the platform to further
hone their skills. We will either provide them additional time at the School to practice or, in certain cases, own computers and
laptops to practice on their own.

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